Build Your Van (Full Page Coming Soon)



There are many variations when it comes to your layout when building your van. Let's explore a handful of options to get you started. 

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Electric Setup

The most overwhelming part of the build for most people, here you'll find information on batteries, inverters, shore power, split charging, and solar with parts lists and detailed schematics each step of the way. 

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Floors and Walls


From man made options to sustainable products, floor and wall options today for your build are plentiful. Let's explore!



Insulation is a key factor in your build. Determining what the weather will be where you'll spend most of your time will assist in your decision on what materials to use.  

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Keeping Cool


Depending on where you're traveling and how you wish to travel, it's important to design your build with cooling in mind.

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Kitchen Necessities


People spend countless hours researching the appliances to use in their kitchen, . Here are the options I researched, comparing electric usage against my proposed overall daily consumption and solar energy generation.